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How Adstart Media built a powerful analytics system within Affise platform

3 years

On the market




Converting GEOs



Adstart Media is a fast-growing network and a direct advertiser in the Mobile subscriptions vertical that proved itself to drive users for mobile brands around the world.

The challenges

When Adstart Media just started their business in early 2017, the market was already full with a variety of affiliate tracking platforms. But being a young company Adstart media was looking for a tech solution that could also minimize their operational costs. With most of the platforms charging for clicks, many affiliate platforms were not an option at all.

The first steps in every affiliate journey require a lot of testing and usually bring tons of non-converting traffic. Adstart Media couldn't afford to pay in vain. Additionally, they wanted to find a platform that not only optimizes the ad spends but also provides strong analytics with numerous data slices.


It is our Marketplace and Bible for our day to day operations

Being a startup with a high desire to break the status quo, Adstart Media was looking for a young and promising tech provider. And they chose Affise as their affiliate platform for tracking, analyzing, and accumulating data on a daily basis.

Affise was able to offer them what others couldn't - full budget control owing to the performance-based pricing model. Unlike other platforms, Affise had a billing system based only on conversions, rather than clicks or impressions. In other words, it means that Adstart Media was paying only when they were making money. For a new network, this was a vital step that determined their growth.

Affise gave us full control over the campaigns' data

Affise offered versatile data analysis with more than 50 data-breakdowns, comparison reports, and statistics design. In other words, Adstart Media refers to that feature as an in-house analytics system.

    Affise enabled Adstart Media access to all needed data, particularly to:

  • 1 All-encompassing statistics on leads received from partners, broken down by day, by partners, by offers, etc.;
  • 2 Data on geo \ offers \ payments \ the number of clicks and conversions \ devices \ mobile operators \ cities \ UA \ contact details and types of the traffic of our partners

Adstart Media converts data to tables with customizable data slices, analyzes drawdowns, and indicators increase. Based on that, advertisers can evaluate the quality of traffic and its compliance with KPI, and build further work strategies.


Affise allowed Adstart Media to carry out numerous tests and see what performs better. Thanks to the performance-based pricing model Adstart Media grew much faster and with fewer expenses compared to if they had run their campaigns at other platforms. On average, Affise helps Adstart Media save $230,000 a year in comparison to other alternative platforms.

Affise platform helped Adstart Media not only to manage the whole process of running ad campaigns and communication with partners but also to build a powerful analytics system.

    Affise enabled Adstart Media to:

  • 1 Identify the weaknesses and strengths of partners, the success or drawdowns of a company by conducting data analysis in dynamics;
  • 2 Reveal leads validity using the exported data for each of them;
  • 3 Analyze and compare the performance of multiple landing pages within one offer;
  • 4 Analyze data in dynamics: by month, day, hourly. You can evaluate the most profitable time for offers promotion, notice the drawdowns and technical malfunctions in time, detect the fraudster.
“Affise gave us the confidence and freedom to test an unlimited amount of campaigns, until we find our golden nuggets, without a single added cost to us. Within the 3 years we have worked together, Affise has grown enormously and people there are doing everything to provide a cutting edge technology for affiliate business growth”
Ksenia Konovets
Ksenia Konovets Business Development Manager, Adstart Media

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