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How Affise Helped GetApNGO To Jump-Start Its Business And Increase Its CPA Metrics


Founded in early 2022, GetApNGO is a young company led by a team with solid experience. The company wanted to expand its business and work with the CPA model. Learn how Affise helped the company streamline its processes and increase traffic 10x in 6 months.

GetApNGO was looking for an intuitive platform with detailed analytics, a bulk offer validation tool, and smooth integration. The solutions they found looked outdated and difficult to set up and manage processes.

Using Affise made it possible for GetApNGO to develop an effective traffic source optimization strategy. Affise's customized statistics and automation of CR enabled the company to build solid and lasting relationships with advertisers and partners.

As a result, the company jump-starts its onboarding process and operations to get effective results in 2 months, increased traffic flow by 10x times in 6 months, and more by using Affise. Download the case study to find out which Affise tools GetApNGO used to achieve its goals.

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